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Arno Schmidmeier, AspectSoft

/alltime/images/speakers/arno_schmidmeier.jpg Arno Schmidmeier is CTO and founder of AspectSoft, a consulting company focusing in aspect oriented software development, service level management (SLM) solutions and enterprise application integration (EAI). Before founding AspectSoft he worked very successful as Chief Scientist at Sirius Software, where he was responsible for the commercial adoption of new technologies like AOP. During this time he and his team deployed several mission critical SLM-projects based on AspectJ. Three of these projects have been awarded at the TeleManagement World 2001 in Nice, 2001 in Las Vegas and 2002 in Nice. He was the first person outside PARC offering consulting services for use and introduction of AspectJ in commercial projects. He joined therefore several frequent travellers programs to fulfil his passion to teach aspect oriented software development. He represents his work regularly on international top conferences. He was the co-organiser of the AOSD Commercialisation workshop in Boston this year. And finally he served the Java community as an independent member of the expert team during the JSR 90, "Quality of Service API". Arno spends most of his rare spare time with his wife Eva and their daughter Sophia. If he can afford the time he loves to play some games of blitz or tournament chess.

Attended conferences

JAOO 2003
JAOO 2004