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Lars Bendix, University of Lund

/alltime/images/speakers/lars_bendix.gif Lars Bendix is an associate professor at Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden, where he works with local people from academia and industry to create a Scandinavian Centre for Software Configuration Management Research. Software configuration management has been one of his main research interests for more than a decade. He teaches the subject at University, has given tutorials for industrial audiences, and has worked with many companies to improve their software configuration management practices. For the past several years he has also been involved in Extreme Programming, teaching and coaching students on how to practice Extreme Programming on their projects and how to become good coaches themselves. This experience has furthered his interest in and possibilities of making the application of Software Configuration Management as agile as possible. He received his Masters Degree in Computer Science from Aarhus University, Denmark in 1986 and his PhD Degree from Aalborg University, Denmark in 1996. He has spent several sabbaticals abroad.

Attended conferences

JAOO 1998
JAOO 2004