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Jenny Quillien

/photos/speakers/jenny_Quillien.png Jenny Quillien, along with many years in university teaching, has consulting and training experience in over 30 countries, specializing in management development, change, human resources, and cross-cultural communication. An abiding side interest in vernacular architecture led Jenny to a six year collaboration with architect Christopher Alexander. Last year she published /Delight's Muse/ introducing readers to Alexander's four volume magnum opus, /The Nature of Order/. Currently she is working with Dave West on a new book in business ecology which examines the interface between organizational culture and the software needed to support it. Jenny is bi-lingual with dual French American citizenship. Degrees : Université de Paris, Licence en Anthropologie ; Université de Strasbourg, Maitrise en Ethnolinguistique; Université de Montpellier, DESS en Sciences Appliquées.