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Frank Stajano, University of Cambridge


Frank Stajano (Dr. Ing., PhD) is a faculty member at the Laboratory for Communication Engineering of the University of Cambridge. Before this post he worked for several years as a research scientist for Olivetti, Oracle, AT&T and Toshiba, and was made a Toshiba Fellow in 2000. He is a gadget freak, sometimes wearing more electronic devices than garments.

For the past few years his main research themes have been computer security and ubiquitous computing, both covered in his latest book "Security for Ubiquitous Computing" (Wiley, 2002). He has authored over 30 publications, including two patent applications now owned by Toshiba.

As an active member of the research community he has served on the committee of over 10 international conferences. He maintains strong links with industry and academia in three continents and is often in demand as a security consultant or guest lecturer. Outside computers he is a keen practitioner of the art of the Japanese sword: he earned the rank of second dan in Japan and is now the leader of the Kendo society of the University of Cambridge.


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