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Wayne Fenton, eBay, Inc.


Wayne Fenton is a Director of Architecture at eBay Inc. His main area of focus is designing and building large scale web infrastructure components to facilitate technology interoperability between eBay properties (e.g. eBay, PayPal, Skype, shopping.com, etc).

This includes Identity Management components, as well as various sub-systems to facilitate services-oriented architectures as well as event-driven architectures. Prior to eBay, Mr. Fenton worked as a VoIP solutions architect for Cisco Systems, where he designed and built large-scale voice and video over IP systems for fortune 500 companies. He has also worked at startups as well as Oracle Corp.

Mr. Fenton has 17 years experience designing SW in different markets for different customers. The common thread is a focus on customer-centric design combined with a secondary emphasis scalability and manageability to foster wider adoption and improved reliability.