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Steve Freeman, Pioneer of Agile, Chair the first London XpDay

 Steve  Freeman

Steve was a pioneer of Agile software development in the UK, he has built applications for banks, ISPs, financial data providers, and specialist software companies. He has given training courses in Europe, America, and Asia.

Previously, he worked in research labs, software houses, earned a PhD, and wrote shrink-wrap software for IBM. Steve also teaches in the Computer Science department at University College London. He is a presenter and organizer at international industry conferences, and was conference chair for the first London XpDay.

Presentation: "Test Driven Development: Ten Years Later"

Time: Wednesday 13:15 - 14:15

Location: To be announced

Abstract: Over the last ten years, Test-Driven Development has grown from something exotic, that only a handful of people knew about, to near- commodity. So there's nothing left to say, right? I don't think so. In this session, I'll review some of the landmarks in the history of Test-Driven Development and what they tell us about how to develop software; the ideas, techniques, objections, and misunderstandings. I'll talk about my experiences of discovering TDD and what I've learned about how to do it well, how to adopt it, and how to bring it into existing code.

Keywords: TDD

Presentation: "Panel Discussion"

Time: Wednesday 16:00 - 17:00

Location: To be announced