Presentation: "Planning the uncertain with User Story Mapping"

Time: Wednesday 11:30 - 12:15

Location: To be announced


Many agile projects are having trouble getting to grips with a steady growing number of user stories. This in turn makes prioritisation and planning difficult and frustrating, causing the team to make sub-optimal decisions in terms of what functionality should go into each release.

User story mapping is a simple way of collecting and organising user stories in a visual map. The map helps the team understand how to put together releases of real value to the business by taking the whole workflow into consideration and focusing on what the users want to accomplish.

This talk illustrates the problem, explains three strategies to deal with it, and introduces user story mapping as a tool for putting the strategies to life.

Keywords: User Story mapping
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Nils Haugen, Agile expert in user story mapping

 Nils  Haugen Nils Christian enjoys helping teams deliver software that makes both the users and the sponsors happy. He is co-founder of Wasteless where he serves as a consultant specialising in Agile coaching and development of web-enabled business applications. Previously, he was CTO of Know IT Objectnet and has enjoyed working with XP/Agile teams at ThoughtWorks. He is frequent presenter at user groups and international conferences.