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VP Sue McKinney, IBM Software Group

VP Sue  McKinney Sue is currently responsible for development transformational activities with IBM?s software development group. A major emphasis is driving adoption of Agile and Lean principles into the mainstream of software development. Prior to this assignment, Sue was a Vice President of Development for the Lotus Division where she led world wide development for Lotus Domino, IBM Sametime and Websphere Portal. In addition to driving transformational activities within IBM, Sue works with large clients to share IBM?s experience and help them scope opportunitities for their own transformational activities. Sue can be reached at mckinnes@us.ibm.com.

Presentation: "The Dancing Agile Elephant: IBM Software Group's Transition to Agile and Lean Development"

Time: Monday 09:15 - 10:00

Location: To be announced

Abstract: This session explores the approach and challenges to transforming multi-thousand person division to adopt new approaches to developing software. Questions about how to inspire and motivate change, identifying the change agents, the tooling to enable the masses will be discussed. Additionally, how does this affect leadership team and what are the new leadership skills required within the development team and in support of the development team.

Presentation: "Leading Business Agility - Think Tank Session with Speakers and Panelists"

Time: Monday 13:45 - 14:45

Location: To be announced

Abstract: Breakout Think tank sessions lead by panelists and morning speakers to address attendees individual business issues.