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Founder, Principal Consultant David Anderson, Modus Cooperandi

Founder, Principal Consultant David  Anderson Recently, David founded a consultancy practice focused on developing better leadership and management in the IT sector. Previously, he led Software Engineering at Corbis and he was the architect for the MSF methodology with Microsoft Corporation. In 1997, he joined the team which created the agile software development method known as Feature Driven Development in Singapore. David has held managerial positions at Motorola, Sprint PCS and earlier in his career with two startups in the UK ? Rombo, a video imaging company ? and MDi Systems, a document imaging company. Author of ?Agile Management for Software Engineering,? he speaks and writes on topics of agile leadership and development. David is a co-founder of the APLN, co-author of the Declaration of Interdependence for Agile Project Leadership, and sits on the Agile Project Leadership Network (APLN) Board of Directors. Contact David at dja@agilemanagement.net

Presentation: "Leading Business Agility - Think Tank Session with Speakers and Panelists"

Time: Monday 13:45 - 14:45

Location: To be announced

Abstract: Breakout Think tank sessions lead by panelists and morning speakers to address attendees individual business issues.

Presentation: "Kanban: Implementing Real Options Without Knowing You're Doing It"

Time: Monday 16:00 - 16:45

Location: To be announced

Abstract: What is the essence of agile leadership? How do you create a culture of continuous improvement? With light touch, empowerment, delegation, high levels of trust, and focus on the correct leverage point to drive maximum advantage. Learn the Zen of agile leadership! A set of techniques developed by David over the last 8 years through his experience leading teams at Fortune 100 companies such as Motorola and Sprint using Feature Driven Development, Microsoft Solutions Framework (and Team Foundation Server) and his latest work at Corbis using Lean ideas such as kanban.